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Plant Based & Non Plant Based Dog Treats.

Welcome to Pawsome Pantry! Home of baked, plant & non plant based dog treats in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

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About us

The Pawfect Passion

Welcome to our world of passion and purpose! As a devoted dog enthusiast, my lifelong commitment to canine companionship was kindled by my grandfather’s legacy of crafting wholesome homemade meals and treats for his cherished German Shepherds. This profound influence inspired the creation of something extraordinary — our artisanal Home Baked Dog Treats.

After years navigating the corporate landscape, I embarked on a transformative journey, launching a business dedicated to crafting delectable and healthy vegan treats for dogs. Fuelled by meticulous recipe research, sourcing premium ingredients, and refining baking techniques, our goal is to provide treats that are not just flavourful but also brimming with nutrition.

Our brand is deeply rooted in my grandfather’s ethos of natural ingredients and homemade goodness, resonating with pet owners seeking unparalleled quality and care. Unveiling our treats at local farmers markets cultivated a devoted following, as pet owners embraced our commitment to wholesome treats and complementary pet services.

Driven by passion and inspired by the joyous tails and occasional purrs of satisfaction, we perpetually experiment with new flavours and ingredients, consistently innovating to deliver the best. Each treat is a homage to my grandfather’s love for his dogs, propelling our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence.

Beyond a mere business, our home baked dog treat venture has evolved into a way of life — a profound sense of fulfilment derived from positively impacting dogs and their owners. Upholding my grandfather’s memory, we find purpose in spreading joy to furry friends, leaving an enduring legacy of love through our work.

Discover our diverse range of delectable and nutritious vegan dog treats, upholding the tradition of quality and care. Join us in celebrating the unbreakable bond between dogs and their owners with treats that honour the legacy of a true dog lover.

Explore our offerings today and witness the joy our treats bring to the canine companionship experience!

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Making your pet's life pawsome.

The Wuff Love Doggy Box

£3.50 available on subscription

Easter Pupster Bunny

£1.50 available on subscription

Canine Chocolate Eggstravaganza

£1.00 available on subscription

Pawfect Love Pup Bauble

£1.50 available on subscription

Hearts Chocolate Doggy Delight Pouch

£1.00 available on subscription

Doggy Eggstravaganza Easter ChocBox

£5.00 available on subscription


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We want your pawsome friends to be completely satisfied with our treats and we are certain that you will find what your furry friends are looking for on our site which contains many different types of pet supplies to meet your pet’s needs, 

Pawsome Pantry is an online pet store that sells a variety home baked plant-based dog treats.

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